Who is running the Church Fear or Faith


Who is running the Church Fear or Faith?: False Works or Hope, Lies or Truth
by Cynthia Butler

Paperback : 62 pages
ISBN-10 : 1952754631
ISBN-13 : 978-1952754630

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A thought-provoking, controversial examination for His glory, not my own. The Devil is taking over the church, our home, our family, and our nation. The world is trying to be the church, and the church is trying to be the world. If we could only stop trying to be looked upon as gods and come under servitude unto the highest God, then evil may tremble. If we could just get our heads out of the clouds, we might end up doing some earthly good. The Devil said, Paul I know, Jesus I know, but who are you? We were never called to this walk of faith to fabricate untruths. We serve a living God; people deserve answers to their questions, not for them to be swept under a rug or brushed off. Neither should anyone feel unchristian because of their questions. A believer asked me, “Why didn’t I fall out when I was prayed for?

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