Mistaken Obsession


Mistaken Obsession: The 1st in a Trilogy
by Eve Grafton

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Bethany Randford arrived in Buenos Aries, Argentina , from Australia in the hunt for a small hotel she could possibly afford. She had seen it advertised in a hotel real estate newspaper and called ahead to book a visit to see if it would be what she was hoping for. She was met at the airport by Alessandro Rodrigos who was the hotel manager and for them both it was love at first sight. After a month they were married and it was only a short time later their differences surfaced. When their 2 year old son was kidnapped it was the turning point to reassess their marriage. Sandro’s father had been shot at the family ranch and was unable to walk which made Sandro very busy with his care. Meanwhile a woman who claimed she was impregnated by Sandro’s uncle was causing trouble, she claimed her son was the now dead elder brother’s child and as the woman with the Mistaken Obsession would not leave them alone, despite all the proof they could find to change her story. Sandro’s father shot Maria and her son after her husband Matias died of a terrible poisoning attack, which Sandro accused Maria of saying she had to get Matias out of the way to make a claim against the ranch as he was trying to stop her. Eventually all was resolved and Sandro and Bethany and their two children set off to Paris to visit with Ana, Sandro’s sister that he had not seen for some years. However, it was not the joyful reunion they intended.


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