It Too Shall Pass!


It Too Shall Pass!: Long Live the belief in Life without IF!
by Rimalleta Ray Ph. D (Author), Yolanta Lensky (Contributor)

Paperback : 321 pages
ISBN-10 : 1952754909
ISBN-13 : 978-1952754906

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The book “It Too Shall Pass!” is a collection of mental programs, inspirational boosters, and mind-sets, written in a simple poetic form because the messages that rhyme in the mind’s twine are perceived much better than just affirmations. The book is a soul-to-soul interaction with Dr. Ray, who originally got her doctorate in Psycholinguistics from the Brain Institute in Moscow and who has been inspiring her students to broaden their intellectual horizons in the University of Connecticut and the Norwalk Community College in Connecticut for 17 years. It is written in four dimensions: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical, and it is illustrated with the pictures from the author’s collection of the meaningful imprints in rocks. The mental programs by Dr. Ray are very suggestive and sometimes provocative in terms of the author’s perception of the present day reality and the problems we are all facing. Dr. Ray is sharing some wisdom with you to expand your spiritual width, strengthen the mental zest, develop an emotional flexibility, back up your physical perseverance, and impart to you her love for life, above and below, for it too shall pass. Have a thinking journey through the pages of the book and fill yourself up with energy, mental strength, and inspirational love. Share this love with your loved ones. Momentum builds!


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