Guilty by Circumstance


Guilty by Circumstance
by Arthur Richter

Language: English

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Paperback: 224 pages
ISBN-10: 1953839053
ISBN-13: 978-1953839053

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This story involves romance and adulterous indiscretions. It’s about a one Robert Mitchell who was called to serve on jury duty, where it happened during waiting for him to be selected to serve as a juror. His past life indiscretions would become reviled. Where once again his inability to resist catches up with him and becomes adulterously involved with the wife of the very man who he wound up sitting as a juror, deciding his faith in the eyes of the law. This suspenseful drama depicts the provocative improprieties that went on while Robert Mitchell was sharing a supposedly congenial association with one of the female jurors. That unsuspectingly erupted into him having continuous sexual interludes with by the name of Joyce Staples, a young sinuously gorgeous women. While they shared their daily life together. Where he became smitten with while serving as a juror. Whom he thought he would never see again. To later find out that she was using him to get her husband off. Then to find out that he discovered during the trial. That the marshals were on to him, and were going to arrest him corruption and not only ruin his life, but also his marriage if he brought about a hung jury. Where on top of it all he discovered that she was the wife of a crime syndicate kingpin. Who had every intention of killing him, once her husband got off? Where he was literally found himself caught up in a no way out of a life-threatening situation.

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