Because They Said So Isn’t Good Enough


Because They Said So Isn’t Good Enough
by David P. McIntyre

Paperback : 146 pages
ISBN-10 : 1952754917
ISBN-13 : 978-1952754913

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One summer many years ago, I believed in and taught an evolutionary biology course. In that class a young man asked me why he had to learn evolution because he did not believe in it. His question provoked me to study all the evidence proving evolution was true. To my surprise I could not find even one piece of evidence that could stand up to scrutiny and absolutely prove evolution true. I realized that I believed in evolution not because of evidence but because they told me it was true. That was not good enough. In fact, I concluded that the facts were much better explained in terms of a creator God. I found many scientists with earned degrees much higher than mine that came to the same conclusion. By an evolutionary process I became a creationist. I invite you the explore the pages of this book to learn what I found out.

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