The Rich Life


The Rich Life
by Arthur Richter

Paperback : 462 pages
ISBN-10 : 1952754879
ISBN-13 : 978-1952754876

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This is a story a love affair that encompasses the elements of intrigue, mayhem, combined with life threatening adventure. For the two, main characters. That came about out of greed for money. That was devise to get at his rich wife’s money in collusion with her younger sister to his wife. While the two of them plotted to discredit his wife’s patents in this wife’s eyes so they could abscond with his wife’s wealth. Which lead to him shooting her to death on her yacht, and the husband force to convince the authorities that he wasn’t responsible for his wife death. Especially to a detective by the name of Blake. While he was recovering from a gun shoot wound in the hospital himself. Then do to her sisters greed for her husbands money, found her behind bar for killing him. Only to discover that her husband was involved with the syndicate, and they used her to rid themselves of him, and was now attempting to do so to her. Before she agreed to testify before the grand. Jury. Where doing so would incriminate high officials as well. Where the two, of them were force to find reforge until the hearing .Where they had no choice but to collaborate with a police women by the name of Marge to protect Susan. Where the three, of them were forced to fight for their survival while being attacked by the syndicate. When Tom was wounded along with Margie. Where again Tom was seriously wounded again while rescuing Blake. Leaving Margie and Susan to fend for themselves. Only to come to discover that Blake was one of the head bosses of he syndicate. Where unknown to Blake. The FBI was on to him all the time Before Blake blocked off the courthouse. Where Blake was killed while trying to shoot Susan.

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