State of Mind


State of Mind
by Arthur Richter

Paperback : 200 pages
ISBN-10 : 1953839193
ISBN-13 : 978-1953839190

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State of Mind is a story that tells of betrayal of the worse kind. A husband plotting to murder his wife. Along with the struggle of his wife Ginger Miners who survived being kidnaped, raped, and left for dead by her husband’s abductors. After being stable multiple times during which she was brutally torturously tormented by them. During which she had to physically struggle to want to live while mentally having to overcome what her tormentors were putting her through. It tells of her torment of having to deal with the horrifying recalls of her ordeal, and having to deal with the contempt, hatred, and despise she felt towards herself for surviving though her nightmarish ordeal. Where she horrifically followed the only hope she had for herself to continue to want to live with the constant nightmares she had to deal with while recuperating in the hospital after she was miraculously found laying in a ditch beside a country road. This story is not for the wake at heart. What it really is. Is a warning that any woman most fear might come true, and often does. And what it takes to deal with the aftermath to this one particular young woman. While struggling to survive having to deal with the mental anguish, and their total loss of self-esteem. That had been literally ripped right out of their very soul. Where how one, Ginger Miner’s was spending years living in mental turmoil reliving her ordeal over and over again. Until she was able to find some absolution that could bestow some sort of recognition upon her to where she was able to regain her self-esteem and stop blaming herself for the grotesque diabolical things that others did to her.

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