Merey Pandh Paindey


Merey Pandh Paindey: Footprints of Journey
by Surinder S Sunner

Paperback : 514 pages
ISBN-10 : 195275450X
ISBN-13 : 978-1952754500

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This book is about my experiences as a student, Agriculture farmer, immigrant American, retail grocery businessman, student of religion and history. As a student in India, some stories as a famer in India, some experiences, stories about my traveling in Asia, Europe, and American continents. Social economics of California, my corporate experiences, business partnerships, religious involvement, public speaker, and family litigation’s. My views about our twisted history, unnecessary religious fight, and our possessive nature. My errands, my thought, my ideology, my achievements, my failures, my sufferings, my performance, my opinions, my journey, and all kind of bottlenecks, and how I made it this far. My readers will find a lot similar happenings they already experienced in their lives.


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