In the Blink of an Eye


In the Blink of an Eye
by Mary Ellen Eaton Smith

Paperback : 56 pages
ISBN-10 : 1643678809
ISBN-13 : 978-1643678801

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When the world seemed so perfect; family, friends, career. Life tries to mock us with unimaginable things which will happen in just a blink of an eye. Never did I think that the life I am living on will turn out to be the life I never imagined it to be. I was a happy woman who always thinks that “Youth is a state of mind”. Working as a hair designer is something that I wanted to do aside from taking care of my dying husband and my kids. I always do things in accordance to my faith in God. However, my life changed after being admitted to having a brain aneurysm, I thought that I would lose my eyesight because of it, just like my sister. But I experienced more painful and most depressing – “A man-made stroke”. I questioned God, I lost faith to him and also to humanity after experiencing the bottom rock of life. The irony of life has been chasing after me, indeed. As I started to move forward from all the pain my life has had. A piece of very sad and painful news – I didn’t see coming, my sister Barbara, died because of a heart attack. Everyone was mourning, I was anxious and felt all the pain that has been lurking in my heart. I believe that people will not only learn out from direct experience but also from the experiences of others. I don’t want people to go through the portal of pain and uncertainties to learn. This story; My Story is a piece of medicine that will help readers accept that everything happens for a reason: feel the pain, cry like a wolf, start to move forward, learn from those experiences, smile like nothing happened, praise the Lord with all your heart and expect that something might happen in just a blink of an eye.

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7 reviews for In the Blink of an Eye

  1. wanda lawson

    God will help you
    I thought the author is a brave individual and inspiring to others. If you read the book will give you inspiration to not let illness or tragedy eat at you but to do more to conquer it. Thanks Mary Ellen

  2. bev bennett

    Words from the ” HEART”.
    There comes a time in everyone’s life , that makes a huge change. It can come at any age… Keeping the ” FAITH” as Mary Ellen did, works in the brain down into the heart– then the heart smiles & goes on!!!

  3. Pavah Kucharek

    Courage and Faith Above All!
    I enjoyed reading Mary Ellen’s experience and how she rose above the adversity from a doctor’s mistake. You are such a wonderful, faithful, forgiving person with such amazing courage. I had no idea of the journey your life has been on. Thanks for sharing your poignant story!

  4. Christian.

    Average product.
    OK book!!

  5. Diane Brucato

    Glad I finally got to read.
    I have heard most parts of this book in pieces, very nice to be able to read it all together. I cannot imagine going through all that Mary Ellen has endured. You are such a strong and tough lady. You have come along way with God’s help.

  6. Marian L. Leggett

    Wonderful read. I highly recommend this to someone who …
    Wonderful read. I highly recommend this to someone who is a caregiver or someone who has had a stroke. What courage to share her story. I was inspired by this.

  7. Pat Gilliam

    Excellent!!!!! A good read for encouragement to go on!!!! I recommend this book to anyone with a disability who needs a boost!!

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