Encouragement: My Book of Psalms
by Christa L. Tarpley

Paperback : 148 pages
ISBN-10 : 1952754410
ISBN-13 : 978-1952754418

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ENCOURAGEMENT MY BOOK OF PSALMS, enlighten how one feels and gives the mind a better outlook on whatever situation we may be experiencing; it is a relief to know that Christ really cares and knows that disappointments, heartaches, will not last always. Poems are powerful if only one believes; it will get you through depression, recession, rejection, and bring about satisfaction. Poetry will help us to understand that we are not alone when going through, poetry helps us to understand that there is a higher power which can stop problems right in their tracks “Or” if they continue on Christ will give us strength to go through as we stand still and wait. However, love poems are essential to the soul, nourishing, inspirational, and OH! Very enjoyable to read, love poems are written to help one to fall in love, stay in love and will be able to conquer trials of this world together. Even when individuals walk out of one’s life, poetry will help you to hold your head up, get up, brush off, and move over the hurdles and never look back again. Go on in peace, in this summary I found out that LOVE is a four letter word that says: L—live on in peace, O—overcome increase, V—victory release E—everyday blessings in Christ.


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